Baha‘i World Centre
Haifa, Israel - 1983

The second building of the Arc Complex, the Seat of the Universal House of Justice, is designed in the ancient Greek Corinthian style. The classical exterior provides a monument of enduring Classical beauty in the gardens, while the interior provides very modern and flexible facilities for this administrative centre. Spaces include a reception concourse, banquet hall, main council room, meeting rooms, libraries, executive offices, open office areas, data processing centre, manuscript preservation vault, staff lounge and dining rooms all integrated in approximately 9 200 m² ( 99 027 ft² ) of floor area in a total of six floors. A 10.8 m ( 36 ft ) high marble colonnade around the building is approached through the main entrance portal, comprised of three rows of columns. This high space pierces deep into the interior by gradually decreasing proportions through a low vestibule to the main hall, leading to the fluid spaces of the building, variable in proportion and form; all created from the same architectural module.

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