East Village, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The sculptural concept for the towers envisions sheets, or planes of glass, layered to open up to the fantastic city and Bow River views. An abundance of angles have been introduced to maximize sunlight exposure. The glass facade extends beyond the building to create ‘free-floating’ fins and allow the planes of glass to be uninterrupted to the roof. The planes of glass on each facade soar above the main roof to lighten the form. A rotating balcony that creates a dynamic diagonal line is a signature design element. These features will contribute to the skyline and identify the tower from afar, emphasizing it as a portal to the downtown area. The West tower at 41 stories contains 337 units, while the East tower at 24 stories contains 190 units.

The tower form penetrates into the podium and sometimes to the ground floor in order to strengthen the connection between the podium, the street, and the tower.

Light gray/blue glass with light gray mullions and spandrels are the main colours for the sheets. Balconies and recesses will have medium gray coloured mullions and spandrels to visually recede and emphasize the large glass planes of the main volume.

The angled lines of the tower have been used in the design of the amenity space on the Podium roof. The Amenity space is envisioned as a light structure with glazing to appear light and open. A covered walkway connecting the towers to the amenity will allow residents to access the spaces in comfort during all seasons. A large central space from which the residents can access the Pool, Lounge, Fitness, and Spa is envisioned to be a Winter-garden which will be lush and green all year. A green roof on the Amenity and an extensive green roof which surrounds it will be pleasant near and far views for residents above and in neighbouring towers.

Amanat Architect is in a joint venture with Gibbs Gage Architects in Calgary. Gibbs Gage has designed the podium retail elements while Amanat Architect is responsible for the residential tower design

ClientBosa Development
LocationCalgary, Alberta, Canada
StatusCompleted 2019
Size41 & 24 storey, 527 unit
641,195sqf (59570sqm)