Tehran, Iran

This complex consists of general class­rooms, amphi­theaters, a library and several faculty build­ings. The design aims to create fluid spaces, accom­modate the required areas in the most eco­nomical way and for the building to be realized in the shortest period of time. The build­ings are grouped in a way to create enclosed court­yards (quad­rangles), which are defined by colon­nades and arcades. These are inte­grated into the build­ings, similar to tradi­tional Persian schools. An eco­nomical cons­truction system from tradi­tional and practical local building techniques is also adopted where load­bearing brick walls are used with concrete earth­quake bracings and pre-stressed exposed concrete T-beams form the floor slabs. Patterns and frescos were created using the skill of local brick­layers

ClientAryamehr/Sharif University
LocationTehran, Iran
StatusCompleted 1975