Baha‘i World Centre, Haifa, Israel

The International Teaching Centre is the fourth building of the Arc Complex. The use of classic architecture was important for the integration of the building into the context of the World Center and the surrounding gardens. It consists of a 400 seat auditorium, meeting and conference rooms, cafeteria, and parking that cover 18 700 m² (201 284 ft²) over 9 levels. To respect the beauty of the gardens and create a suitable scale, only four of the total nine stories are visible outside. The auditorium in the lower levels of the building is a key function of the International Teaching Centre. The design principle for this hall was to have a large space for good acoustic performance and lectures. The multiple level seating creates a sense of scale and the use of natural stone and maple paneling create a harmony throughout.

ClientBaha’i World Center
LocationBaha‘i World Centre, Haifa, Israel
StatusCompleted 2001