Tehran University, Iran

The growth of Iran’s business industry and international trade in the 1970’s prompted Tehran University to establish a Faculty of Business Management. The building consists of four distinct functional blocks that feature the student union, undergraduate studies, post-graduate studies, a library, auditoriums and small classrooms. The major hub of activity is a central “hayat” (quadrangle courtyard) inspired by examples of traditional colleges throughout the Middle East. The undergraduate classes, administrative offices and student union surround this hayat with a reflective pool at the centre. The two smaller square hayats, accessed diagonally from the corners of the main hayat, house the library and postgraduate department. The layout of the building and the hayats follow the rhythm, geometry, and order of Perso-Islamic architecture. Portals hyphenate the walls, with the main entry portal at the East, and another at the South, which provides a transparent connection to an open space for possible future expansion. Addressing ecological concerns, the building faces South and the walls have been shaped to shade windows and protect them from direct sunlight. Natural lighting has been enhanced through skylights, which allow light to enter and screen out heat. The buff-coloured brick and reinforced concrete, all local materials, were used to withstand seismic forces and provide required thermal insulation values.

ClientTehran University
LocationTehran University, Iran
StatusCompleted 1980