Tehran, Iran

The Shahy­ad monu­ment built to rep­res­ent the Per­sian civil­iz­a­tion and cul­ture, forms a sym­bol­ic en­trance com­plex for Tehran. It has be­come the most sig­ni­fic­ant icon of the coun­try and an act­ive plaza for cel­eb­ra­tions, parades, cul­tur­al events and activ­it­ies . The plaza con­tains foun­tains and land­scap­ing in pat­terns sim­il­ar to tra­di­tion­al Per­sian gar­dens. The monu­ment built of on-site con­crete with sol­id marble as form­work and clad­ding. At the time (1971) the con­struc­tion tech­nique and use of com­puters to define its com­plex woven sur­faces was un­pre­ced­en­ted. It has been widely pub­lished, and is the most prom­in­ent gath­er­ing place in the cap­it­al city. Below the monument is a Museum displaying relics of the Persian civilization.

ClientCounsel for the celebration of 2500 years of Persian Kingdom
LocationTehran, Iran
Status Completed 1971